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15 / 05 / 2018
How to handle hot summer days

The sunny days are just around the corner!

Meaning, we can finally give our coats, scarfs and thick jackets a break at least until the next cold season. But again, our weather-related worries don’t end there.

On contrary! Higher temperatures bring their own version of hell (literally!) for us to handle. Here are few tips which help us survive those sometimes-hellish summer days:

Sunblock is your friend

When the summer knocks on our door, we usually instinctively choose “the dark side” of the street for any walk. Shade is a trusted confidant when you want to avoid direct sunlight and a go-to solution when hats or sunglasses aren’t around. But again, staying in shadows forever is not practical, and that’s why shade is a good friend while sunscreen is the BFF! Putting cream on your face, neck, and hands every time you head out is so terribly annoying, but surely better than putting up with sunburnt skin! Besides, multiple studies have shown that regular application of sunblock can slow down the aging process. So, smear away my friends, like your youth depends on it!

Layers, layers, layers

Choose your outfit carefully! You have to be strategic when it comes to your clothing when summer comes around. Why? Because there are air-condition units in almost every building you visit. That’s not inherently bad, but that means that temperature usually differs by significant (sometimes insane) amount inside and outside. One single outfit can’t handle such drastic temperature changes! Put that light sweater in your bag, especially if your colleagues like to keep the AC blasting. It shouldn’t go unmentioned: cotton is your best choice when it comes to materials, but you already knew that, right? And, you should probably avoid black if you don’t want to spontaneously combust once you step outside.

Stay hydrated

All of us are well aware that water is crucial all year round. We heard that mantra so many times, it feels redundant to repeat it once again. But it has to be done! During those hot summer days staying hydrated is imperative. When the temperatures are higher, our bodies do their best to keep everything running smoothly, even though that requires much more effort in those, almost hellish circumstances. Helping our body function normally should be everyone’s priority. That’s why you should ALWAYS have a water bottle at hand. To avoid all the heat-related inconveniences like cramps, exhaustion, stroke, and the dehydration itself use the oldest and oldest trick in the book: chug, chug, chug!

Check the weather app

Since we have all these modern amenities at our fingertips (literally), it would be a shame not to use them to our advantage, right? And are you really going to be surprised if it rains in Seattle? Really? The town’s second name is The Rain City! Pick up the habit of clicking on some of those weather apps that we have at our disposal. Throughout the summer keep your umbrella close by, just in case of unexpected showers.

Reliable Travels

When summer is in full blast, some of us would prefer not to go out at all. Unfortunately, life can’t go on pause just because it’s too hot to function (according to us). To make the best of those days, consider using the services of your favorite livery company to avoid traffic jams and long waiting periods between the buses. The wonderful vehicles of Seattle Limo Service are your safe haven when you are on the go, no matter if rain or sunshine cause the fleeting inconveniences.

The most important thing is that you take all the fun opportunities fun in the sun can offer. Keep these things in mind when the heat wave comes to town, and you will get by unscathed!