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21 / 05 / 2018
Top 4 Reasons Why Renting a Limo Will Restore Your Mental Balance

Our favorite 4 reasons why renting a limo will restore your mental balance and help you feel alive

Now that the Royal Wedding’s over and we watched Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ride off into the sunset in their golden carriage (talk about a Cinderella happy ending, right?), it’s time we go back to our hectic lives, cabs that never arrive on time and airport crowds that make us feel like cattle.

And while we’ve collective become masters of pretence, pretending it’s all fine even when it isn’t, don’t you think it’s time we rewarded ourselves, just a little? Sure it is! The thing to make us feel at least a tiny bit like Meghan and Harry? Limo rental!

#You Get an Instant Ego Boost

The moment your chauffeur greets you with a warm “Hello Mam’/Sir,” and you sit in a lavish limousine worthy of kings, your heart might burst with happiness, self-importance and just a little bit of vanity. Hey, don’t judge – we all need to feel it from time to time as it helps balance out the positives and negatives, and remind yourself you are worthy of all-things-wonderful. Whether you booked your limo service for a specific reason or just so – you’ll enjoy every second of it. We guarantee.

#Someone Is Taking Care of You, for a Change

With so many roles we take upon ourselves – be a kick as* professional, a mother, a CEO, a daughter and a sister, a friend, a cellulite-free girlfriend, a housewife, the best surgeon in the county, etc. – we forget to do the most important thing of all – take care of ourselves before we take care of others. Apart from a healthy diet, regular workouts and enough sleep (whatever that means), it’s essential to treat yourself to things that make you happy. One of the best ways to enjoy yourself is rent a Seattle limousine service for a day, and go places that make you feel wonderful. For instance, why not book an entire day of pampering at the salon (yes, a massage is a must!), then go to your favorite restaurant for lunch and that super hot gallery opening you’ve read about, afterwards? Book a limo to take you to your desired locations and feel like you should every day – wonderful.

#You See Your Hard Work Has Paid Off

Even though booking a limo service isn’t too big of a luxury, it sure costs more than your subway ticket. However, it’s worth it. Treats like these are essential to restoring one’s mental balance not for the luxury itself per se but for showing yourself that all of your hard work has paid off. When you see that you can afford a limo ride easily, you understand that everything you are doing now is worth it. Go alone or gather a few friends just because, rent a limousine and remind yourself how awesome you actually are.

#You Ignore Reality for a Second

There’s so much going on ALL.THE.TIME and you sometimes need a break from it all. Some people go camping; others get drunk – you be the one to rent a limo, sit back, relax and enjoy being serviced by the top-notch customer service of Seattle Limo Service. Shut off your phone, disable your email notifications, and go sightseeing in a limo (nope, it’s not an activity only out of towners do). Ride to a nearby city to see your mum, take your lover on a lavish date, or go pick up a friend from the airport in a limo to make them feel important. It’s the little things that make life, and when you think that your “little thing” is just a call and a booking away, things seem much better, don’t they?

Life needs to be more than smelly subways and uncomfortable bus rides, at least once or twice a month. Book your limo ride, and let your zen begin.